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Board of Commissioners reviewing proposed Great Lakes Water Authority 

The Macomb Coutny Board of Commissioners began reviewing the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority on Sept. 24. Such meetings will continue through Oct. 9, which is when the Board is expected to vote on the proposed Great Lakes Water Authority Articles of Incorporation. 

Public meeting dates when the Great Lakes Water Authority will be discussed and reviewed are as follows:

  • 9/25/14 (Thursday) 7 p.m. Full Board Meeting/Public Hearing - Presentation of GLWA: Focus on Governance;
  • 9/30/14 (Tuesday) 9 a.m. Full Board Meeting - Presentation on GLWA: Focus on Finance;
  • 10/6/14 (Monday) 12 p.m. Government Operations Committee Meeting - Presentation on GLWA: Focus on Operations & Maintenance;
  • 10/9/14 (Thursday) 9 a.m. Full Board Meeting / Public Hearing - Final Debate; Vote on GLWA MOU and/or AOI.

For more information on the Great Lakes Water Authority proposal, click here.

Information specific to the Governance section of the proposal can be found here and information specific to the Finance section of the proposal can be found here

Macomb County Green Schools Program

Michigan Green Schools ProgramMacomb County, in partnership with the MISD, administers the Michigan Green Schools program for all public and private K-12 schools in Macomb County. Find out more about this exciting program and what Macomb schools are doing to save resources.

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