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Board of Commissioners


The 13-member Board of Commissioners serves as a legislative body for the communities in Macomb County. The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board are established by Michigan law, and commissioners are elected to a two-year term every other year.

They represent 13 districts of (approximately) equal population. According to the Charter approved by the Macomb County Charter Commissioner and Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the Commission may:

  1. Adopt, amend, or repeal ordinances or resolutions;
  2. Establish committees of the Commission necessary to efficiently conduct the business of the Commission;
  3. Appropriate funds, levy taxes, fees, and other charges, and authorize borrowing as provided by this Charter and applicable laws;
  4. Approve contracts of the County;
  5. Approve or reject appointments by the Executive as provided by this Charter;
  6. Override a veto by the Executive within 30 days by at least 2/3 of the Commissioners serving;
  7. Subpoena individuals, compel the production of records, and administer oaths;
  8. Appoint, approve, and remove members of committees, boards, and commissions as provided by this Charter or law;
  9. Submit tax and ballot proposals to the electorate; and
  10. Exercise any power granted by law to charter or general law counties unless otherwise provided by this Charter.